Paid v Free Tipsters

A debate which is always rife on twitter is the paid v free tipsters one.  My view is it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference and here is why.

In my portfolio I have a range of free and paid tipsters, they are obviously all profitable otherwise they wouldn’t be in there and it is easy to compare the performance of these tipsters just by doing a few basic calculations.

Gross Profit = The Total Profit made in any given month regardless of Tipsters Fee

Net Profit = Gross Profit – Tipster Fee

Return On Investment (ROI) = (Net Profit/Total Stake) x 100

The free tipsters obviously have the advantage here because their net profit is equal to their gross profit as there is no tipster fee to consider.  Therefore the paid tipsters will have to outperform the free tipsters in order to achieve the same net profit.  When proofing tipsters the first thing I look for is if they can consistently achieve a given ROI and if so do they fulfill the following necessary criteria:

– Receiving the tips in an orderly fashion i.e. via email, text or put up on a website/blog

– Having enough time before the event to get on

– Being able to get on at the quoted price

– The volume of tips should not be overwhelming

– Being able to provide a full history of selections/results

I often find the above few points to be the downfall of free tipsters.  There are a lot of good ones out there but its more than just tipping winners, its about providing a usable service.  That said, I have approached some paid tipsters re their betting history and I am often baffled when they are unable to provide this.  No serious gambler/tipster can ever make money without keeping stringent records.

There is a third group on twitter who i will call the non-tipsters i.e. guys who don’t actually class themselves as tipsters but do put their bets up on twitter throughout the day usually with the motto “Never pay for tips”.  Don’t get me wrong some of the info is great and I really appreciate the knowledge these guys share but because of the random nature of when these bets are put up its very difficult to tell whether the non-tipsters are achieving an overall profit.  My view is that the majority are probably not, one sure sign of this is that a lot of them still seem to have accounts with certain online bookmakers who shut down any seriously good horse racing gamblers in an instant. The other being the fact that you never get to see a full record of their results.

In conclusion I would say, from a punters point of view, it really doesn’t matter whether the tipster charges or not as free and paid tipsters are easily comparable by factoring in the handicap of the fee when calculating ROI.  The only group whose profit/loss we will never truly know is the non-tipsters.


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  1. Hi.
    I am giving out my free selections. I am still finalising my system into a pdf format but have been running since May and have a 80% strike rate so far. All of my tips are free and so will the system when I pdf it. I have found it works really well and haven’t (to date) had more than 1 losing bet in a row. All tips are given before midday in an easy to understand format. Check it out if you want…. I will get the proper system up by the end of July. Thanks

    • Hi Matt

      Had a look at your site, looks well but very early days. Would be interested to hear your Return on Investment and Level Stakes Profits in a couple of months time. If they read well i would be willing to trial your selections on my site for 1 month and give feedback via twitter.

      All the best with it


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